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General Party - For 18in Size Dolls

Flavor's of Cookies
Theme of Cakes

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Let Chef Gina come to your Party


entertain your American Girl Fan for 1  1/2 hours.


Please note this entertainment is limited to a 35 mile radius of 44039. 

(if you are just outside or a few extra miles no worries, just email)

If you have any questions feel free to email.

Packages include:

- each child will learn to make their own fake cake or cookies that is perfect to fit any 18in doll.

- fake cakes are approx 3inches.

- Cookies will come in All size.   Cookies size depend on how the child decides to make them.  Each Child will have clay to make 6 cookies.

- I will bring all the supplies to make the fake cakes or cookies.

- games and prizes will be played.  In the end..each child wins a prize. Prizes will be all themed for 18in dolls. 

Games would include: sitting on a playing card, if you get up the other person can take your card. The person with the most cards at the end wins a prize.  (it helps for the children to stay seated) Questions regarding American Girl Dolls (Trivia)  Each person will receive a ticket for answering and participating. They will be playing while they are decorating. (this helps with multitasking).  If your guests are too young for Trivia, questions can be asked such as safety, not talking to strangers, calling 911 and what to do in an emergency.  

 - due to my products being fake, please limit this event to children who do not put items in their mouth 6 and older please.

Deluxe Package

- you can also purchase the Deluxe package.  Deluxe package will also add on paper Chef Hat's for each guest, Chef Gina in her Chef Outfit along with her American Girl in a Chef Outfit, Certificates for Each Guest at the end of the class.   


In order to make cakes you must have:

- a table that has plastic on it.  Each child will need to sit at the table. (plastic table cloth will do, one that you can throw out after we are done. You do not want to keep the table cloth.)

- Each child will need some sort of covering for their clothes.  (a plastic garbage bag will even be fine.  Fake frosting will not come off clothes, just in case someone is messy. So no food fights at this event!)

In Order to make cookies you must have:

- a table that has plastic on it.  Each child will need to sit at the table (plastic table cloth will do, one that you can throw out after we are done.  You do not want to keep the table cloth.)

- an outlet to plug a clay oven in.  It's as small as a toaster.  We need to bake the cookies after we make them.

- Children will be painting cookies with washable paint and using sand as sprinkles.


Just a Little House Keeping

- An adult (someone over the age of 18)  must be present at all times.

- Chef Gina's is not responsible if anyone is allergic to the materials being used, anyone who puts items in their mouths, clothes get messed up and so on.   A waiver must be signed from each parent giving permission to take our class.  With so many different allergies we want to make sure everyone has a fun and safe party. 
Not to mention we even had adults try to eat the fake food :(    Release of liability forms will be sent to you so that you can place in your invitations.   

-  Plastic Gloves are not provided. (Most people are not allergic to the clay and materials, however if you have someone who may be.  Gloves are a great option)

- Depending upon the speed of making cookies. Parties may run over.  Usual parties are from 1 1/2 - 2 hrs.

- Please book your package early. You will receive inserts for your invitations.

Any questions email or phone is: 216-509-3850.

In Order to book your party, it must be paid in full prior to your date.  You have 1 week to cancel before a party.  A 50% refund would be given then.  That is due to supplies that would have been purchased. If you need to cancel, we can always postpone to another date.

- if you have more than 25 guests please email.