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Making Chocolate Covered Strawberries
10 Mar 2012

When starting to sculpt food, you always want to work on a clean non food preparing surface.  The utensils you use for the clay should never be used on food. Remember to always wash your hands after sculpting.  Clay is toxic when baking, so never use your kitchen oven.  You should always use a clay oven when baking.  As the clay bakes it releases toxins that can embed on the sides of your kitchen oven.  If you use your kitchen oven, the toxins can release into your food the next time it is used.  Take from my experience that you can get very sick.   Be sure to wear gloves and place the clay oven in a well ventilated area.






With that said, lets take a look on how to make a box of Chocolate Covered Strawberries for 11 ½ in dolls.

Items you will need:

  • Clay oven
  • Red clay
  • Green clay
  • Brown clay
  • Heart cardboard box
  • Colored foil
  • Tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Razor
  • Long tweezers
  • Toothpick
  • Plastic wrap
  • Brown paint
  • Velcro
  • A fashion doll standing near by


Making Strawberries


  1. Knead the red and brown clay until it is soft and the color you desire. Rolling the clay in your hands is the best way to get it a moldable texture.
  2. Pull a small piece of the mixture off, the size that would look proportionate to your dolls hand.
  3. Shape and mold the piece of clay to look like a strawberry.
  4. Roll the strawberry onto the Velcro to give it the indented look.
  5.  Once your strawberries are made place on a tray.
  6. When done with red clay, wash your hands, so the red doesn’t mix with the green clay we are about to use.




Stems for Strawberries

  1. Knead a small amount of green clay until it is soft and workable.
  2. Pull a small piece of green clay and roll it out very thin.
  3. Take your tooth pick and cut the thin strand of clay and place it on the top portion of your strawberry in an X shape. You can also use a piece of the green clay as a stem.
  4. When your strawberries are finished, bake in a preheated clay oven at 250 degrees for

25 minutes.

Heart Box

  1. Heart boxes come in different sizes, pick the box you would like to use.  Taking your razor, trim down the box so the sides look proportionate to the doll you are using.
  2. After your box is trimmed, wrap the colored foil around the box and sides, trimming along the way.
  3. Take tissue paper and trim with scissors so it will fit at the bottom of the box.

Dipping Strawberries into Chocolate

  1. Take the left over foil or paint palette and place a quarter size amount of brown paint on it.
  2. With your long tweezers, gently grab a baked strawberry and dip into the paint, as you would make real chocolate covered strawberries. Make sure the strawberries are cool before dipping. 
  3. Place your wet strawberry on plastic wrap to dry.
  4. Once your strawberries are dry, you can place them in your heart box for display. 

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