October 9, 2012 @ 11:20 PM

Chef Gina's LLC

Understanding your scale size will help determine what items will properly fit your doll.

There is alot of misconception on the web regarding what is the appropriate size for accessories for 11.5in dolls.  I do want to clear the name up. As I have searched the web and found alot of people are saying 11.5in doll food is called playscale, this is not true. 

Here is a list of the scales for dolls. 

1:48 is the O Scale (Model Trains)

1:24 is half in scale (Dept 56 snow village)

1:12 is dollhouse (the classic miniature's)

1:6 is 11.5/12in (fashion dolls)

1:4 is 16in (Tonner/Gene size dolls)

1:3 is 18in (American Girl Doll Size)

Playscale is Playfood (the same size as Melissa & Dougs .........

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