June 26, 2013 @ 10:47 PM

 Chef Gina's LLC

Just an update, be sure to take a look at our main page, it shows the new category's that are updated. I listed a few items, same items from ebay but cheaper on the website.

It was brought to my attention I need more food for 16in dolls, they are are hungry. Sorry the kichen was out of stock..
New items that are being worked on.

18in size items:

Tea/Saucer with cookie dessert
... hamburgers/cheeseburger with fries

16in size items:

hot dogs with fries
hot dogs with chips
hamburger/cheeseburger with fries

11.5in size items

drinks will be revamped shortly. Completely all new drinks will be posted, New pictures... new items. 
Keep Dry .........

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June 19, 2013 @ 4:27 AM

Chef Gina's LLC

If you haven't signed up to be a Fan Club Member at Chef Gina's, be sure to get in on the fun!


June Gifts will be mailed out this weekend! :)



Chef Gina's 

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