August 30, 2013 @ 8:30 AM · Barbie Food, GI Joe

 Chef Gina's LLC

Be sure to take a look at our Retailers list..

Our Newest Retailer is Toy Anxiety. They have an online store and a brick and mortar! Be sure to visit them online and in Arizona!


      Toy Anxiety

       13825 N 32nd St

       Phoenix, AZ 85032 





Chef Gina's

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 Chef Gina's LLC


Interview was taken from the Dolls Magazine Jan 2013 issue...


 Interview with Chef Gina...behind the brand..


1) What is your full name?  Gina Marie King


2) In addition to sculpting fun food, are you also a chef or a foodie in real life? Do you have a passion for real cuisine or just faux food?

    I have an Associate’s Degree in Applied business with a major in Culinary Arts.  My specialty was high volume cooking for up to thirty thousand.  I have worked in the food industry for 13 years. 

3) Your website says you've been Chef Gina since 1999.&............


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