September 21, 2014 @ 12:23 PM

Chef Gina's LLC

Well this is a first in almost 15 yrs, I decided to try doing an OOAK doll.  I came into a load of dolls..  I bought 5 at a flea market.  I actually thought 4 of the dolls were American Girl Dolls and I knew the one was a Chatty Cathy.  It turned out the 4 are not American Girl but the clothing is.  UGH.  I did fail to mention the other 4 dolls had no hair.  I know why did I buy them.  The seller said they were rare dolls and I thought..ok this old guy wouldn't lie to me, even though the one doll is in an American Girl box and the rest are in American Girl clothing.  I also thought maybe I can send them back to American Girl and pay to get a new .........

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