January 11, 2020 @ 9:42 PM · Barbie Food

Hi Everyone! Long time no blog!  lol

I'm excited to say I am back at things.   It seems like Pierogi Gifts and Chef Gina's switch off during the year and get busy. Then, I slipped on ice and was out of commission a bit. ugh  Did not need that!

On a fun note, I will be attending Grant a Wish this year in April.   I'm even teaching a miniature food class.  Grant a Wish - www.gawfund.com is sold out, but you can come visit during the last day.  The sales room will be open.  Since this year marks Chef Gina's 20th year that we have been in business, we are having an artist/anniversary party.  If you are on Facebook this event is here. Everyone is welcome, it is basically .........

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