January 11, 2020 @ 9:42 PM · Barbie Food

Hi Everyone! Long time no blog!  lol

I'm excited to say I am back at things.   It seems like Pierogi Gifts and Chef Gina's switch off during the year and get busy. Then, I slipped on ice and was out of commission a bit. ugh  Did not need that!

On a fun note, I will be attending Grant a Wish this year in April.   I'm even teaching a miniature food class.  Grant a Wish - www.gawfund.com is sold out, but you can come visit during the last day.  The sales room will be open.  Since this year marks Chef Gina's 20th year that we have been in business, we are having an artist/anniversary party.  If you are on Facebook this event is here. Everyone is welcome, it is basically in our hotel room, so keep an eye on the event details closer to the date.  If you are in the area, and not attending the event you can still come and room shop afterwards.  It's cool because it's basically a mini Barbie Convention held at the Marriott in Livonia, Michigan.  People go room to room shopping and looking for treasures. 

Man, I can't believe 20 years already, it feels like a dream.  From starting on Ebay selling food (I was the first person to sell 1:6th scale food) to moving to a website, learning not everyone is your friend and wants you to succeed.  Dealt with mean people trying to sabotage me and made some incredible friends.  I Thank all of you for your continued support of Chef Gina's and being a fan.  I truly love  meeting you all and seeing all your photos and displays.  

I can't wait for 2020 and for you to see what is in store. The past few months I have been working on new packaging for mini food, found some fantastic new Barbie / Gene Size accessories for food. I'm currently working on sets of food and have a huge 1:6th scale Tiki Bar I'm slowly working on.  I also found some super cute pans to make fake raw meat.

Don't forget to like me on facebook and keep an eye out! 

Love you all! Chef Gina xoxo