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Diamond's and Diva Rhinestone Bar with food

Diamond's and Diva Rhinestone Bar with food

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Diamond's and Diva Rhinestone Bar. 

Each rhinestone was hand placed on back bar and front bar.

Set includes the back bar, bar, 2 chairs and all the food. 

Front of the bar will come with 2 poles, beer nozzles and top rack off.  You will have to put it together, which is really easy. Material used for the bar is Vegan.

No Animals were hurt in the making of this bar. 

The back bar has cardboard inserts of glasses and bottles. They are not real.  The top of the back bar does have a slight flaw of hot glue under the paint. (see picture) 

Glue and rhinestones will be included.  Top rack can hold wine glasses and beer mugs at the end. 

The bar is a redone, Happy Hour that was originally pink. 

Price includes extra shipping needed for the bar.  This will ship Priority, with Signature Confirmation and Insured. 

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