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Making 1:6th Scale Cheese Kit and Class - Level: Easy

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- You will learn to make :
In this class you will learn to make:
- Swiss Cheese, Brie Cheese, A Cheddar Block and Blue Cheese, you will receive a board to arrange your cheese on. 
Plus ...  Bonus at the end of the Video!
Level: Easy
Items needed:
- Oven
- Sliced clay strawberries
- Red Paint
- Triple Thick Varnish
- Clear Nail polish or clear paint/varnish (this is to coat your items after your done. So you can really just wait until it is safe to go to the store.)
Once, you check out you will receive a link to the access the video that you can work on your own time. You do not need to download the video.  
Classes are best viewed on a computer.
Please note the download here button, is for the certificate.
You will also receive a kit in the mail with items to make your items