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Tiki Hut Bar Miniature Bamboo Artisan Made OOAK Hawaiian themed gift - doll not included


Measurements of bar:

7 1/2" high

7" wide

4" depth

The exterior of the tiki bar has tiny pieces of bamboo glued outside and some inside.

The roof has glued raffia.

The signs are card stock paper.

The frame of the tiki bar is wood.

The doors open and close in the back and when you look inside you can see a silver colored coffee peculator with a couple of cups of coffee. One cup and saucer has a spoon. There is a tiny container of milk on the shelf inside the hut.

On the floor is a basket with a banana and a pear.

There is a chair glued to the floor that also has bamboo glued around it.

If you look to the left, there is a miniature ICEE machine with two glasses of filled liquid as well as another tiny glass to the side. These set on the left side of the shelf.

On the floor to the left is a coffee bag and a Cola wooden pop case with two bottles of Cola glued inside it.

One side of the bar has a window with wooden bars and the other side has no window.

In the front of the tiki bar you can see an assortment of food on the window.

There is a plate of fries and a hamburger, three ice cream drinks and if you look close the tiny labels say Tiki Bar, there is a glass of beer, a lime drink, and a strawberry drink. The drinks have tiny bubbles.

You can see a few dollars on the front of the bar.

The specials are on each side of the window.

The two pink chairs are included but they come loose.

All other pieces are glued and make an excellent gift