2015 - French Toast Crunch Commercial

Throwback from back from 2015, I did a custom order for Cinnamon Toast Crunch in 1:6th scale. I'm completely amazed how they were able to turn my items into real looking food. This is so cool!

Take a look at some of their you tube videos and subscribe.

I found a blog with more information from the General Mills website, so I pasted and copied their blog along with pictures.


Chef Gina’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Note: Video's are PG 13 content.

Cereal soap opera French Toast Crunch is the star of a new soap opera coming to a small screen near you.

Five months after the uniquely-shaped cereal returned to grocery store shelves – prompting a range of emotions from restless fans who posted their hilariously-dramatic responses – the brand still has an appetite for hilarious French Toast Crunch dramatics.

To keep the drama alive, the French Toast Crunch team worked with McCann Worldgroup to create “The Tiny and the Tasty” – a bite-sized soap opera series packed with dolls, conflict and, of course, French Toast Crunch.


The series, starring dolls whose lips never move, has all the ingredients of a great soap opera: amnesia-induced embarrassment, conflicts over inheritance, untimely pregnancy announcements, love triangles, and dare we say, murder.

The first three 30-second episodes of the five-episode series are live on YouTube.

The Tiny and the Tasty was inspired by the current fascination with tiny houses, overly dramatic soap operas and our beloved French toast-shaped cereal.

Cinnamon Toast Commercial


“We were fascinated by the shape of French Toast Crunch – each piece is like a tiny, perfectly shaped piece of bread. And we thought, if you were doll-sized, they would appear to be big hearty slices of French toast,” says James Dawson-Hollis, global executive creative director, McCann.

Bill Wright, his global executive creative director partner, adds, “The other half of the idea came from the 1990’s origin of French Toast Crunch. That was the decade when daytime dramas were at their height of popularity. So when you take soap operas and cross them with tiny dolls, you get a strangely awesome mash-up. The dolls may be tiny, but their French Toast Crunch-fueled drama is larger than life.”

McCann also collaborated with Beacon Street and Picture Mill.

The French Toast Crunch team wanted the cereal to be a part of the story without dominating it.

“I think the entertainment value comes from the execution of the dolls, the conversation that happens and the funny sounds that go with it,” says Mark Chu, associate marketing manager. “It’s more of an emotional, humorous connection that we want to tie back with our consumers.”


While the series itself is lighthearted, the production process was a serious matter. The short films were directed by Emmy and Sundance award winning director Matt Piedmont, whose credits include Saturday Night Live.


Many of the characters are voiced by actual soap opera stars from shows like “As the World Turns” and “General Hospital.”

“French Toast Crunch is definitely a cereal that doesn’t take itself too seriously, and that’s going to come through in this work we created,” says Mark. “This is a really fun cereal. Dolls and humans alike, we can all enjoy it.”

Stay tuned to YouTube for more episodes of The Tiny and the Tasty!

See more at: http://www.blog.generalmills.com/2015/05/cereal-soap-opera/#sthash.ADLjnnJN.dpuf

They really did an amazing job! So be sure to follow them!


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