How to place a Custom Order

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to touch base on placing custom orders with Chef Gina’s®

Chef Gina is fairly busy during the year.   During our wholesale and special orders, I try to squeeze in custom orders in a slot so everyone can get their order made. 

What Can Chef Gina’s® do on Custom Orders:

  • At this time, we can accept volume orders up to 2000 pieces, depending upon the request.

  • If you have plates or cups, you can send them in to get filled and used. Price discounts are added. Please don’t send in heirlooms or valuables. We are not responsible for damage items. If you are sending in plates or cups, please send a few extras in case a mistake happens.

  • We welcome Non Disclosure Agreements. Chef Gina’s™ employees have to sign them as we work with name brands and production companies.

  • We do not make any products that can be deemed as offensive.

  • Chef Gina’s reserves the right to not accept an order.

  • Wholesale orders are welcome. You must be a legal business and send in your Business name, email, Tax ID and website. For more info on Wholesale orders please (click here),


How To Make A Custom Order at Chef Gina’s™:

  • Send a request thru Facebook Chat here:  (click me) or email.

  • Please have your list ready to send with details, quantity and pictures of your ideas if needed.

  • There is a non refundable $50.00 deposit during the beginning stages.  The $50.00 will be added as a credit to your order.  If you cancel, the $50.00 will not be returned.  
  • As of Aug 15th, 2023 we are only accepting Custom orders with a minimum of $100.00
  • Rush orders have a surcharge of $100.00
  • Once an order has been set and questions asked, an invoice will be sent to you thru Paypal. Please do not email Chef Gina’s your wish list, as we have no way to store them and we cannot have pending invoices waiting until it is paid.

    * Coupons and Returns are not accepted on Custom orders.

    *Please pay invoice in 24 hrs, if it is not, your order will be

    cancelled and the next person in line will be taken.

  • Orders, must be paid in advance before custom order is started.

    * Prices are subject to change, so you want to pay within 24 hrs

    to lock in your price.

    * You can pay with Credit Cards thru Paypal without an account.

    *You have the option to finance thru our Layaway program.  That will show when you check out if you're eligible. 

    * Not Accepted: Checks, Money Orders, COD, Rain Checks, Bonds, Trades, Gift Cards, Food Stamps, Venmo or any other money app service.

  • Credit Cards are not accepted over the phone.

  • Make sure all your information is correct during check out, including your address. We are not responsible for packages sent to wrong addresses with wrong addresses listed.

  • Once a custom order is in production, you cannot change it such as style or color etc.

  • An estimated date of shipment will be sent to you.

  • Pictures will be sent to you along the way.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email.

We look forward to working with you.

  • Chef Gina

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I really enjoyed reading your Barbie Movie Blog. I hope to buy the Movie on DVD. Also love your Subscription Boxes. They amaz me with the variety of items…..keep up the great work .TTYS ((hugs))

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