Barbie Movie in Westlake, Ohio

The Barbie Movie was Evacuated!

Yes!  WE were completely evacuated!  

 Let's go back 3 days.. The recent release of the Barbie Movie has generated a significant amount of excitement, leading us to celebrate for an extended period of 3 days.

First, friday the local restaurant called Between the Bun in North Ridgeville, Ohio was having a Barbie party where you come in dressed and get $5.00 off your order.  And they had Barbie Margritas! I went with my long time friend of 30 years, Elayna.   Elayna also works part time at Chef Gina's making the miniature boxes.  I made matching Barbie Shirts and shirts for our dolls to wear at the restaurant.  

Elayna and Chef Gina


The servers were dressed up as a Barbie Character and our dolls drank and talked. 

server dressed up barbie dolls at between the bun restaurant


A head of time I asked the restaurant what the Barbie drink was and I was able to get a side by side. 

barbie drink at between the bun restaurant


The next day, I had a little Barbie Party at work, forcing my co workers to participate.  lol  I bought cupcakes from my friend Maya from My Joy Cookie Co  She made beautiful pink cupcakes.  I decorated each locker with a Barbie or Ken head and some Barbie Decorations.  There was really only one complaint but they seemed ok, as they ate the Barbie Cupcakes.  lol (they must of been a Bratz collector) (insert eye roll here)

barbie cupcakes from myjoy cookie co

the locker  the barbie cupcake

And on to movie night....

The night started out well.  I finally had a chance to get together and go to the movies.  I haven't been to the movies since the 2012 Colorado movie shooting.  I pretty much stopped going because there are too many crazy people.  

We had dinner at Bone Fish Grill then wanted to get to the theater early for photos.  I saw everyone online taking these fun photo in cars, in the Barbie Box and we wanted plenty of time for photo ops.  I was really excited to see the dolls and was thinking about getting the car as well as the Barbie Travel Mug.   Well...we get there and there are no photo ops what so ever.  No merchandise except pink carmel corn.  We were really bummed.  

We decided to make do with what we had and took some photos with employees and posters.  

regal employee giving popcorn

barbie with popcorn barbie with popcorn


barbie in front of the sign

barbie in a photo shoot   silkstone doll in a photo shoot 

Barbie's in front of the sign 

 After we did our little photo shoot we found our seats and waited for the movie. 

chef gina and barbie


chef gina and elyana 

A few high school girls came by and told us they like our outfits.  lol 

During the show we were hearing loud rumbling with our seat shaking!  We though maybe it was from the movie next door and thought nothing of it.    So, about an hour into the show where the "scary part" of Barbie opening doors in the hallway.  As she opens the door it's black and at the end of the room there is a little old lady sitting at the table.  As Barbie walks into the back and towards the lady the light went out.  Pitch Black.  I thought, ok well this is scary, is this part of the movie?  All of a sudden the lights turned on and another movie goer went to see what the commotion was.   She came back and said, we need to go downstairs they will give us our tickets back.  

So, everyone started to leave and it was super crowded. It was super spooky and considering I really banned the movies in my life, you can see why.  We tried to make a run to the bathroom and it was packed.  I told Elayna, why don't we go to Nordstroms Rack and go to the bathroom there.  As we walked out, as you can see in the above video, sirens where going and a ton of people in the lobby.   We find out that Nordstroms was out of power too.  So, that gave us a little bit of ease.    As we made our way back to the movie theatre we got out tickets and decided to try the movie theatre 10 mins down the road in Sheffield Village.  

To our suprise no one was there and we were able to get into a show that was already playing, so we didn't have to watch the first hour again.

 So if your wondering what happened.  I made a couple of emails to friends and found out if was a transformer that blew in the movie theatre.  

And I was able to buy one of the cars from Walmart, so I can't wait to incorporate it in some photos. 



Tell me if you saw the Barbie Movie yet.  I thought it was cute.  I felt it was more for the Adult Barbie Collector.  Alot of things in the movie that a seasoned collector would understand.   I do hope the Barbie Hype still continues and I heard there may be a part 2! 





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