Placing a Wholesale Order

About Wholesale at Chef Gina’s™:

Wholesale for Stores:

  • Send Chef Gina’s your business name, Tax ID paperwork and email of which you will be checking out with.

    - a wholesale code to check out will be sent to you.

  • View & order online at www.chefginas.com

  • Chef Gina’s offer’s

         - 40% off your entire purchase order,

                - items will come packaged with Chef Gina’s label.

  • Accepted payments are: Checks, Paypal or Credit Card. You can pay with Credit Cards thru Paypal without an account. We now have a lay-a-way plan on our website.

    * Not Accepted: Money Orders, COD, Rain Checks, Bonds, Trades, Gift Cards, Food Stamps, Bank Transfers, any other money app service.

  • Since all of Chef Gina’s items are handmade, please allow

                3 weeks for delivery in the US. For large orders please contact

                Chef Gina’s .

  • $150.00 minimum order for wholesale products. (starting Jan 1, 2020)

  •   Our logo of Chef Gina’s™ is the only approved picture that can be used to associate with our products

  •  Chef Gina’s™ is the only approved name that can be used.

  • .Chef Gina’s™ does not buy back products that you have purchased or

                did not sell.

  • If you would like your business name to be placed on Chef Gina’s website, please let us know. We will place a link for stores that carry Chef Gina’s products.

Wholesale for Bulk Custom Orders for Stores:

  • At this time, we can accept volume orders up to 1500 pieces, depending upon the item and request.

  • If you have plates or cups, you can send them in to get filled and used. Price discounts are added. Please don’t send in heirlooms or valuables. We are not responsible for damage items. If you are sending in plates or cups, please send a few extras in case a mistake happens.

  • We welcome Non Disclosure Agreements. Chef Gina’s™ employees have to sign them as we work with name brands and production companies.

  • We do not make any products that can be deemed as offensive.

  • Chef Gina’s reserves the right to not accept an order.

  • Product options with additional pricing:

    * pieces can come in bulk with or without a label

    * products with a Chef Gina’s™ label

    * plastic packaging available and sealed

    * Boxes are available

  • If you are a brand and submit your idea to be made for your product. We will not duplicate your product to sell on the website. Also, please keep in mind, Chef Gina’s™ has over 300 items on our catalog, so something may look similar that we have made. We will work with you on finding a piece that is uniquely to your brand.

How To Make A Wholesale Order at Chef Gina’s™:

  • Send a request thru Facebook Chat messenger at the bottom of the screen or email Chef Gina's

  • Please have in your email.

    * your list/ideas with details for bulk orders,

    * date/time frame when need your product by

    * quantity of items needed

    * pictures of your ideas if needed. If you don’t have an idea,

    we can work with you on finding something to fit.

    * Please send in your business name, tax ID, website and email.

  • Once an order has been set and questions asked, an Estimate will be sent to you.

  • Wholesale is 40% off

    * Price breaks are added if you place a custom order which

    includes 1 of the same item in quantities of 50 and over.

    * Coupons and Returns are not accepted on Custom orders.

    * Chef Gina's does not buy back unsold items.

  • A Prototype of your idea will be sent to you via email and in the mail if requested. During this stage, changes can be made to the prototype.

  • Once you approve the prototype, the Estimate is made into an Invoice. Please pay full amount in order to start production. That way supplies can be ordered.

  • Depending upon the order and quantity we would need at

    least 3-4 months for production time per 1000 pieces.

    Each piece is handmade.

  • Please make sure all your information is correct on the invoice during check out, including your address. We are not responsible for packages sent to wrong addresses for wrong addresses given.

  • Once a custom order is in production, you cannot change the details.

  • An estimated date of shipment will be sent to you.

  • Pictures will be sent to you along the way.

  • All orders will have signature confirmation, tracking and insurance.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or email.

We look forward to working with you.

  • Chef Gina

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