Doll Photography by Bella BellaDoll

Have you heard of Bell BellaDoll on Instagram?  

Bella and her sister from Poland, handle a really fun Instagram account that show cases Doll Photography.  They recently started a kick starter campaign to raise money for her book  - Doll Photography. 

The Doll Photography will contain 21 different ideas/photo shoots to help you take better toy photographs. 

If your interested in more information on Bella Bella Doll here are some links:

The book will be out soon so be sure to grab a copy, you will see Chef Gina's on the back cover as well for an ad of supporting the campaign. 

I decided to supported this campaign for a few reasons.  I have been following Bella for awhile and absolutely love their photos.  She has a good eye for capturing a perspective in a dolls eye and toy photography is a big trend for awhile now.  Also as some of you know, I am Polish as well and thought it was fun that she also loves dolls. 

I am very excited for the launch of Doll Photography and believe this will be a big hit. 



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