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So, unfortunately I am forced to update my return policy.

Back story, I use to have some people purchase items, just to see how it is made then return them. Then, I had the people who would purchase, use it in their photography/Sets and try to return the food. Hence, that's why I started sealing products. This happened on more than 1 occasion.

It was now brought to my attention recently some are copying my ideas in making the same exact thing, blocking me then selling it so I can’t see. Also, someone purchased and trying to sell it on platforms passing it off as they made it. I use to be flattered but not so much anymore.

I do offer wholesale, that someone can take advantage.

I haven't had this issue in a good number of years, but it seems like it started up again.

Return Policy:

Returns are only accepted with in 7 days of delivery date, and on items that are still in the original package, unopened and not used.

Please email Chef Gina’s if you would like a return.

You can receive a store credit or money back. Exchanges are not offered at this time.

Custom orders, subscriptions and outlet items are not returnable.

Customer pays for return shipping, so please be sure to add a tracking number on returns.

Shipping is not returned and a 20% restocking is added.

Please Return items too:

Chef Gina’s LLC

5480 Autumn Lane, North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039

Contact: 216-509-3850

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