Who is Megan Walker and How to Use Mini Food

Did you ever wonder what people do with mini food?

Most collectors set their dolls up and take photo shoots. That’s the norm right? Well, here is a list I have come across of what customers actually do with mini food.

  • window displays in their house or foyer

  • window display in their store

  • toy photography

  • tv commercials

  • stop motion and clay creation movies

  • making greeting cards

  • writing novels

Writing Novels you say? Megan Walker and Janci Patterson, bookwriters of the famous series: The Girlfriend Stage which can be found at Amazon. (click here) Writer Megan Walker has her own doll collection and uses food to write her stories. How cool is that! I think we need a behind scenes picture!

Last week, was National Cheese Day. If you didn’t get a chance to see the new cheese displays be sure to take a look! These cheese trays come in three different sizes.

What is your favorite Cheese and Wine pairing?


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