mini strawberry pie vs real pie

Straight from the Strawberry Fields....

 Happy Summer Everyone!

A little short story about the new summer pies. 

Recently my neighbor went strawberry picking with her Barbie Playing daughter.  While we were grilling dinner she came over and asked if we wanted a pie they just made.  Of course I said yes!  haha.

This pie was the most delicious pie I ever had in my entire life and it wasn't store bought filling.  They actually made the crust and filling. See picture below.  

strawberry pie

Well, I got a bit excited and remembered I had a Strawberry Pie in my I ran over and delivered the pie.  

barbie size strawberry pie

They got a kick out of the mini pie, the little girl looks at it and you could tell she didn't know what to make out of it.  All of a sudden she had a smile and goes, this is soooooo cute!!

Kelly, my husband and I ended up eating half the pie that night.  lol  It was that delicious. 

When I returned the pie pan I made a Chocolate Pecan Banana Bread. 

So that kicked my idea to make Strawberry Pie and update the pie list.   

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Whole Strawberry Pie by Gina King





Hi Julie, I will send you an email.

Chef Gina

I work with Byers Choice Dolls 1.6 scale or Barbie size, which size pie would work best?
Also, do you make vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, carrots? What about Bakery items, like pastries, loaves of bread, donuts?
Thank you,

Julie Anderson