Bread Dough vs Clay

We spend so much investing on our dolls, don’t let the quality of mini food eat away on your investment. Choosing the right type of product will last for years.

Bread Dough VS Clay, what is it? Maybe you never heard of it.

In the history of making "handmade" miniature food sculptures, sellers would use bread dough; which is a mixture of bread and glue that is molded, dried and painted. The only problem with this is in time bread will attract mold, crack, break and attract bugs. Over the years on eBay I have seen bread dough items. These items mostly resemble a smooth consistency, they are very soft when you touch and very easy to slice with a razor, they don't have that crisp look. Items made from bread dough you want to avoid purchasing.

On the other hand we see items made from different clays and materials.

We have Sculpey, Fimo, dried clays and plaster of Paris. Avoid purchasing dried clays or plaster of Paris that will start to crumble or crack if you drop it!

Sculpey and Fimo clay items are great only if your item is made the proper way. Fully baking your pieces to ensure the quality of miniature food items will last.  

You also want to watch for pieces that are sprayed with an enamel or gloss. Items that have a very high gloss/shine look like someone sprayed a top coat of hair spray on it.  Items that have been sprayed will not last in the light. They will start to fade even from sunlight coming thru a window and turn sticky if they are in a hot place.

Don't be afraid to ask a seller what the item was made from Fimo or food items? But, keep in mind, the seller will most likely not tell you how they made their item. I know over the years, I had many emails and letters on the "recipe" of my items. My response is: A good Chef, never tells her secrets. However, I will tell if I used Fimo. 

With that in mind, Chef Gina's products are made from Clay of either Sculpey or Fimo.


Chef Gina

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