Byers’ Choice Test Group Results

A month back I asked a group of Byers’ Choice test collectors to test Chef Gina’s food and drink product, take a survey as well as pictures with their dolls. I did this because, I noticed some collectors wanted 1/6th scale and some wanted oversize food as well as others didn’t know what size they wanted. Well the results are in.

10 collectors participated in this group, living from all over the United States. The pictures are similar to the items the group received and are links to the actual product. Please note: some didn’t respond fully to the questions that’s why you don’t see a full 10 results.

Some of the questions are:

How long have your been collecting dolls? Out of 10 responses the lowest was 7 years and the most number of years was 40.

What kind of dolls do you collect and how many dolls do you have?

Byers Choice 400+

Several hundred Byers choice - some antique dolls - some vintage dolls from my childhood -

Byers choice (200) and handmade primitive dolls

Byers’ Choice 300

Byers Carolers. 150 or so

Byers 150

Byers Choice, I also have a 1:12 doll house

Byers Choice

Byers Choice 30

Tell me why you love mini food and how you use it with your dolls? Ex: some people use it for display, toy photography, art, dioramas, animation or TV commercials.


I love to create vignettes with my dolls.

I display for my own enjoyment only.

I like things to look realistic and give my Byers dolls some embellishments based on who they are. Example food with my chefs!


Using to enhance my displays

Complete a scene

Displays for holidays

Displays for holidays

Heart Sugar Cookies in a Box

Heart Shaped Cookies - Do you think this is an appropriate size for your doll

100% - YES
Salad in Wooden Bowl

Salad in Bowl - Do you think this salad is an appropriate size for your doll? Response

40% - YES, 60% - NO
Ice Cream Sundae's with whipped topping

Do you think this ice cream is appropriate size for your doll?

30% - Yes, 70% - No

Which drink is most appropriate for your doll.

  • Drinks
90% - Mug, 10% - Drink ,0% - Both


The last was a feedback form. Responses are:

I love the food. Salad bowl works but is a little small. Detail is great!

I think slightly oversize is always a little more appropriate than anything undersized. The salad is absolutely wonderful—but is it meant for a crowd? Or is it individual? The salad is fantastic—the size would be so much nicer just a touch bigger, either for holding by a caroler or in the center of a table. I see a caroler bringing a large salad to the table, or the salad already on the table. So slightly bigger would really make that obvious. I love the mug—size is perfect for an adult but even appropriate for a child. The pink heart cookie is the perfect size for a plate of cookies with any doll, adult or child. If meant to be held as a single cookie, bigger is better. My display is in the hand of a child and it is a bit lost. But maybe that’s because she is holding other things. The soda with straw (I show it with a child) is a bit small, very cute and should be bigger for an adult. The parfait I put in a toddlers hand. I think the size is appropriate for a toddler. I don’t use toddlers much for accessorizing. It’s really the children and adults that are more adaptable to holding or being shown with accessories.

Could you try to make a travel coffee cup?

Neither drink. One too small and one too big. Salad could be a little bigger but looks ok on a table. All items looked ok for Kindle.

Thank you for allowing me to participate in the review of the mini items

Thanks for including me Gina

Coke/tea is small. Mug is better for Byers.

Heart cookie great, salad only big enough to use as individual salad where it’s actually meant to be a larger salad, ice cream little small but ok, mug better than tiny drink

The items are very well made. I appreciate being included

In Conclusion..

Choosing food sizing all depends on how you prefer. As you can see some people like the over sized food and some like to scale. There is no right or wrong answer. In typical Byers’ Choice “culture” you can see it is typically over sized food. For more information on Byers’ Choice, see their website (click here)

When shopping at Chef Gina’s if you prefer the over sized food, you want to shop between the 1/4th scale and Larger 18 in doll food. Key Note: Most Byers’ Choice collectors like a product to be 2 inches or more. The 2 inch size you will find at the 1/4th scale at Chef Gina’s. You can also type Byers Choice in the search bar on the website to get a list.

If you have any questions at all while purchasing food/drinks before you order. Send an email to Chef Gina’s

Feel free to post a comment down, included are some photos which were sent in. If I missed your photo, it can still be added.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

  • Chef Gina xoxo

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