Chef Gina's Rewards Program

Chef Gina's Rewards Program

Chef Gina’s™ Mini Food Reward Program

I am super excited to announce our new Rewards Program.  

Sign up for an account at the red button with the star at the bottom right hand corner of the screen.  Here is a list of how to earn points and redeem.   Take a look at the short video.  

Earn Points  

Sign up for the Rewards Program

200 points

Celebrate a Birthday

200 points

Place an Order

5 points for every $1.00

Like on Facebook

50 points

Like on Twitter

50 pints

Share on Facebook

10 points

Like on Instagram

50 points

Give a Friend $10.00 

Share your link in your Rewards Account (the red icon with a start at the right hand corner) to Facebook, Email or Twitter. If they place an order using your link, you will receive a $10.00 credit to use on the website.

Ways to Redeem Credits

100 (every 100) Points - $1 off

$25 off coupon          -  2500 Points

40% off coupon         - 7000 Points

25% off coupon         - 3500 Points

Free Priority shipping - 1000 Points

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