Foods of the World - Ukraine

Foods of the World - Ukraine

I am so heart broken for Ukraine.   We all should do a small part to help the Ukrainians out.  So, I decided in June 2022 I am launching a Foods of the World, and one of the sets include Ukraine. Which is being launched now. 
Foods of the World show cases 4 hemispheres to bring awareness to Countries like Africa, Spain, France and so forth. Each set sold 20% of the profits will have a donation going to help with a group in need for that location.
🇺🇦 I'm launching the Ukraine set early, in my way to help the Ukrainian People. 
With each Ukrainian set sold, 20% of the profits are going to the HUMANITARIAN AID FOR UKRAINE, which includes a Ukrainian Ribbon to wear for support. If you would rather donate direct, you can click here.  
The Food of the World sets are handmade from clay.  
The set includes:
  • Paska (Easter Bread)
  • Varenyky (Pierogi)
  • Holodets (Beef in Aspic)
  • Ukrainian Cucumber Salad

If the sets sell out, please be sure to sign up for the notification to be notified when it's back in stock.  It also helps with knowing how many more to make. 


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