Mini Food Strawberry Festival

Mini Food Strawberry Festival 2023

The 2023 Mini Food Strawberry Festival is being held right here on this page. 

Use code: Summer14 for 15% off your order, code expires: June 17th, 2023.


Win this Jello Mold by posting in the comments your favorite Chef Gina's Food Item.   There is 1 Jello to give away.   Winner Picked: June 18th, 2023.

WINNER: Jacquelyn Graham-Dickson
Win This Jello


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I have many favorite, but my most favorite item is the ice sculpture with the caviar. I use it in my New Year’s celebration. Gina take care of yourself!

Jacquelyn Graham-Dickson

Hope that you are feeling much better Chef Gina! I like all of your Halloween items!! Take care.

Susan Lynn LaFever Noday

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