Queen City Doll Show Chef Gina’s 1st Show

Wanted to share these really old photos. I couldn’t even tell you what year they are from. This was Chef Gina’s 1st doll show (maybe 2004?) Here shown is Veda Rodman (RIP). Veda was one of Chef Gina’s 1st customers thru Ebay. We even stopped at Veda’s house in Illinois on the way to the Chicago Barbie Convention to see her collection and have dinner. Its amazing how many nice people we come across in the doll world.

So, this show was held at the Holiday Inn in Cincinnati, Ohio. I believe they still hold it there. We set up the entire restaurant and displayed all the food for sale. I really need to get out to another doll show again. I usually stick to the conventions and mini conventions.

xoxo - Chef Gina

dolls-display-at-show dolls-in-rest chefginas-at-the-show cinn-doll-show the-barbie-bar the-show-table

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