2022 Mini Food Convention

It is finally here!  Thank you everyone for joining I hope you have fun

 day 1

Making Chocolate Chip Cookies Video

   Supplies Need:

  • Brown Chalk (save some for the Banana Tutorial)
  • Paint Brush (not included)
  • Glue for paper (not included)
  • mascara brush
  • fake chocolate chips beads
  • oven (use your kitchen oven) Bake at 200 degrees for 20 min
  • Polyurethane for top coat (not included)
  • Printable Dunkin Donuts Box
  • If you can't view the video (click here)




      Making Miniature Perfume Bottles Video


Supplies Needed:

  • Beads (in kit)
  •  Glue E6000 (not included)
  •  Scissors for cutting (not included)
  •  perfume box printable (click here)



day 2

Orange and Banana Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

  •  Orange Clay
  •  Yellow Clay
  •  White Clay
  •  Green Clay
  •  Black Chalk (optional, Not included)
  •  Brown Paint (optional, Not Included)
  •  Brown Chalk (from Chocolate Chip Cookie Kit)
  •  Tooth Pick
  •  Velcro (not included)
  •  Polyurethane or top coat (not included)
  • Small Paint Brush (not included)
  • If you can't view Part 1 (click here)


Bake at 200 degrees for 20 mins. 



How to Take Photographs with your phone.



How to Make Hershey Candy Bars

Supplies Needed:

  • chocolate clay
  • white clay
  • razor for cutting (not included) 
  • oven (use your kitchen oven)
  •  foil (not included)
  • paper glue (not included)
  • Hershey Printables (click here)
  • If you can't view the video, (click here)


New Items
Chef Gina's Tshirt
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