My Annalee Collection

Well, I finally got my Annalee Dolls. 

I am so excited I came across Annalee Dolls in a doll facebook group. I fell in love with the Christmas Elf people were showing that they got at the Home Goods store. So, in the beginning of December, before I got sick (currently home now bored out of my mind with pneumonia)  ugh I popped sover to Home Goods and of course couldn't find anything.   I remember my grandmother having the Elf.  Now I have (an adorable baby nephew I wanted to carry on the tradition.  I ended up getting the Annalee Santa and Mrs Claus off Facebook, which I was really happy about. (photo below)


So, a couple of days later I tried again and stopped by Home Goods after I got off work in the morning and low and behold I found the Valentine's Day Annalee Stash.  I was so excited. I couldn't believe all these dolls on the shelves. 

 home-goods-shelf-of-anna-lee-dolls home-goods-shelves-of-anna-lee-valentines-day-elf shelf-at-home-goods-anna-lee-dolls

I came home with the following 3 dolls, which I just love! I can't wait until Easter.  I love different styles of dolls so I can incorporate with my scenes and showcase with my food. So this was just right up my alley!


Use this link for $15.00 off your order at Annalee (click here)

They have a 50% off sale going on now.

I can't wait to see the other dolls that come out.

Do you collect Annalee too?

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Adorable aren’t they? Glad you found some! Get well now and make food! Lool!


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