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Chef Gina's® Mini Food

Adjustable Ski Ring

Adjustable Ski Ring

Redovna cijena $19.99 USD
Redovna cijena Prodajna cijena $19.99 USD
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This adjustable ring is made from clay. 

The ring itself is metal.  It has a mount of fake snow the has a hint if glitter to make the snow sparkle.  The skier attached 

This is a very delicate ring.  Pieces of snow may flake off.  Do not wear while showering or washing hands.  

Ring will come with a box, but it will be laying flat, due to the height.  

Extra glue will be included in case pieces come off during transport.  The top metal piece of the ring  is not perfectly centered to the adjustable part, however someone won't notice unless they are looking for it.


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