Facts & Questions

-Can I return a product?

Returns are only accepted with in 7 days of delivery date, and on items that are still in the original package, unopened and not used. Please email Chef Gina’s if you would like a return.

You can receive a store credit or money back.

Custom orders, subscriptions and outlet items are not returnable.

Customer pays for return shipping, so please be sure to add a tracking number on returns.

Shipping is not returned and a 20% restocking is added.

Please Return items too:

Chef Gina’s LLC

5480 Autumn Lane, North Ridgeville, Ohio 44039

Contact: 216-509-3850

 CUSTOM ORDERS: Can not be returned.


-I just purchased products from Chef Gina's, how do I store them?

The best place to store your products is in a cool, dry, place. Most people store our items in a box. Do not store near heat or in sunlight, as it may discolor or fade. Do not use bleach or alcohol based products to clean your food or drinks, it may fade.

-I just placed an order, how long does it take to ship?

Our shipments usually go out everyday. If you just placed an order please give your order 2 weeks before you email Chef Gina's to find if your shipment went out. Our average delivery time is 3 to 7 days after you placed your order. You will receive notification when your order is shipped thru email.

-My package came in all damaged from the Post Office, what do I do?

If your box came in damaged, first notify the post office immediately and then email chefginas@aol.com to get the insurance receipt. Keep all boxes, packaging and paper for proof. Chef Gina's will mail you the receipt and then you should take your damaged box and receipt to the post office for a refund.

-I would like to come visit Chef Gina's store, who do I get in touch with?

Due to Covid, we have ceased visiting.

-I just purchased a mirror cheese tray, how do I clean it?

To clean your mirror cheese tray, the best way is to take a Q-Tip and dip it in alcohol to clean your mirror.

-I have a store and would like to sell Chef Gina's products, who do I contact about wholesale products?

Whole order information can be found here: wholesale information.

-What are your products made from?

This is a very popular question at Chef Gina's. Our products are not made from bread dough, like most miniature food. The majority of our products are made from clay which turns into a hard plastic. Since our products are more for the adult collector, we do not suggest giving them to young children. So please do not put any of Chef Gina's products in your mouth.

-Does Chef Gina's do custom orders?

Yes, Chef Gina's will do custom orders. 

Custom order information can be found here: custom orders.

-Does Chef Gina's offer Layaway?

As of January 1, 2015, Chef Gina's will no longer be offering Layaway Plans for mail in orders.  We have switched over to Paypal Financing. The reason being is since Chef Gina's has so many products, we keep our product database online and can't keep up with watching inventory.  The inventory changes so often.  Not to mention, it is less paperwork and less confusion.

-Items that Chef Gina's will not make.

We would like to keep Chef Gina's LLC on a wholesome level.  If we feel your request is not appropriate, we do reserve the right to refuse making an item for you.  I understand that we have alcoholic  beverages and cigarettes for fashion dolls, however Chef Gina's primarily caters to adult collectors and typically children do not come to our website. Requests that will be denied but are not limited too: any sexual gestures, drugs, anything that hurts another person or animal, Chef Gina's will not put any swear words on cakes as well as anything that can be determined as not appropriate.  Thank you for understanding.